Why Calipio the “no download” screen recorder makes the better internet!

Raoul Donschachner
4 min readSep 7, 2021


3 Reasons to not download any software

1. Avoid importing rubbish to your precious harddrive

How many people do you know who actively installed the end of their digital life by selecting the wrong = bad, no really bad download which consisted of that nice and practical free program.

And something else.

This something else is that mighty that we know it under different names. It began with “virus”, levelled up to “malware” and ended somewhere near that infamous “darknet”. Don’t get me wrong, there are way more good, clean and valuable downloads out there which don’t bring any harm to you but just joy and happiness.
The thing is, you don’t know which package has that extra content you desperately want to avoid and which is fine.

2. Your admin is a close relative to the “bastard operator of hell

Not sure if you know that hilarious stories by Simon Travaglia? It is about a bored IT operator who, ah, read it by yourself. A really good laugh. And scary. Believe me, you will never see your admin with the same eyes like before.

However, there might be some good or less good reasons to prevent you from installing software in your computer. This probably increases the quality and longevity of your company’s whole IT infrastructure but at the same time locks to a couple of often outdated pieces of software which rarely comfort your requirements. This if course not because your admin isn’t willing or able to keep up with new software, it is just technically impossible to keep IT tidy and working AND always with the nicest tools around.

3. Last and best reason: the Internet and it’s SaaS products are too good to continue installing software

In former years the whole internet was about downloading. In fact it was even defined by the download speed. It became the holy grail of IT, if you had fast downloads, you had good internet, your children would be beautiful, your bank account cleared of misunderstandings and vacations were just in the nicest places. Of course it was you who had his name printed on the best tables in all the hippest restaurants in town.

Err, no.

Downloading was either slow, forbidden or pointless as there was nothing to download.

So downloading was replaced by streaming and here the importance of speed became obvious. How else could you watch all episodes of your favourite series at the same time?

See, speed is important and made that internet thing more practical and useful. It even got that far, that a lot of online services appeared which offered services in real time. Doing something online became as good as doing with an installed software.

And another important thing arose out of these great new possibilities:

You could have more hard drive volume available than what was installed in your computer. Clouds they called it. Although I always hoped that my data wasn’t clouded but clearly visible. At least to me.

Sorry, I digress.

However, probably the best thing of all is that you can finally rent software! You don’t have to buy the whole big and expensive package if you just need some features out of it. And you can always select what might be your next best thing rather than having to stick to an expensive decision you had made in the past and which is still in it’s justification period. (= was too expensive to already dump it again)

Using online software products brings you total freedom.

Freedom of choice what is good, what is deemed bad or inadequate and for what you want to spend your bucks. Or not.

It is a bit similar to the reason why mobile phones have quickly swiped out landlines: You want to be connected to people, not buildings, addresses or desks.

So to sum it up: You are already online, so stay there because it is a great idea.

And what is Calipio’s role in that whole scenery?

It is the first and only screen recorder which:

works without any download

works without any installation

works on all platforms

works in all browsers

Besides that it has some additional benefits like end to end encryption, sharing by link, cloud storage etc. about which you can read here.

But being a no-download screen recorder makes it the real deal breaker. Look no further, just go to www.calipio.com and save the internet!

A lot of good reasons to make screen recordings rather than wasting time of loosing efficiency can be found here.