Is there an alternative to loom or vidyard?

Raoul Donschachner
2 min readJun 28, 2021


Calipio the best alternative to loom

I am sure we all agree that loom was a great idea to help us record our screens!

But as so often, there are better alternatives available on the market. Providing either more features, more practicality or better accessibility.

In some aspects loom isn’t even available to a lot of people at all. Imagine you have to use a specific browser on your company laptop or are not allowed to install applications or browser add ons — and that for good reasons!

If you really care about privacy and are looking for, ideally, end to end encryption you might look no further as well.

If you are in a hurry, there is no alternative to Calipio anyway. Because you can start using it without registration, without download, without anything more than just clicking on “Start Recording”.

Calipio is a real gem not only amongst the free online screen recorders. It gives everything the regular user might want, asks nothing which you are reluctant to give and costs not more than exhaling a deep breath:


Beyond that Calipio is the fastest way to make your screenrecording and distribute it. At the end of your recording an e2e encrypted link is generated which you send via mail, sms, whatsapp or whatever comes to your mind. Attach it to your carrier pigeon if you like. The Calipio video is stored in their cloud and you don’t need to download it, store it somewhere or even send that big file to someone.

Browser: only Chrome
Encryption: none
Software download: necessary
Installation: necessary
Registration: mandatory

Browser: all Browsers supported
Encryption: end to end encrypted
Software download: no download required
Installation: no installation required
Registration: no registration required

So to sum it up:

Yes, there are better alternatives to Loom available. Just give the table above a quick look and you will get the idea. Sometimes the lighter tool which is more spot on and more efficient to use is just deal breaker.

Calipio is your free online screen recorder, just try it out!

Calipio the best alternative to loom