Calipio! Oh, great, another screen recorder, how boring — oh, wait…

Raoul Donschachner
4 min readJun 25, 2021


Whether you already digging screen recordings to demonstrate or even ask something or if you are totally new to this subject: There is a new kid on the block who blasts the others away.

Man, how could a screen recorder blast something away you might ask?

Simply by being better, as easy as that.

Screen recording is a fairly new thing. So far users who wanted to explain, demonstrate or ask something specific to a software usage, or a development, where forced to make series of screenshots. These were then usually put in a word doc, got some explanatory remarks, texts trying to describe what is going on and to make the confusion perfect, some red arrows across the screenshots, pointing to unrecognised parts of the text.


So screen recording was invented to ease things. And it did, considerably.

Nowadays if you need help from a coworker with some software-piece-of-art you can just quickly record your screen and send it to somebody in the know.

Teachers explain what they want from their students, helpdesk workers can easily identify what’s wrong on the customer end and developers, who are often spread around the globe, work together like sitting on the same desk.

Screen recording is growing quickly and spreading around the globe. If used once, you cannot let go on it anymore. This is not becoming the next best thing, this is already the next best thing.

Screen recording will change the way we work and collaborate, safe time on communication, stop letting communication mishaps eating up motivation, creativity and efficiency. Probably in a similar way like e-mail changed the way we communicate in writing. Or do you still send letters to friends and colleagues if there is something to say or ask? Show it, say it and put your nice video face on top of it.

That is that much easier and so much more efficient and that is why it will become or even is the next big thing without any doubt. Asynchronous communication without agreed meetings and with all comfort you might think of.

So all good one might think?

Ahh, yes, but.

I can remember when back in the 1980ies there was a new version of Microsoft Word which was so much more complicated to use than its predecessor due to a gigantic number of functions. Buttons. Menus.


Everything got so full of things that there was hardly a chance to find what you were looking for.

So time passed by and sleeker word processors arrived on the market, more spot on, with less functionality of course.

Each user and his requirements are different, so why press all of them through the same software?


<light on stage, applause>

Calipio is the name of your new friend for all your private or professional screen recordings.

Calipio Free Online Screen Recorder — Screenshot

Ok, good that we talked about it, but what makes that Calipio thing better than others? I mean, my screen is my screen, my voice is my voice, and even my face is my face, that does Calipio do for that?

Ahh, again, very simple: It just lets you and your topic happen. It doesn’t require you to download and install any software for instance. It doesn’t even require you to use a special browser. It gives you that freedom and that simplicity that all competitors just painfully lack.

Just go to and within a click you start your recording.

Others require you to download software or a Chrome extension. This made their life much easier of course, but not yours.

We from Calipio believe that a practical service is only practical when it is accessible. It doesn’t make sense asking for inclusion when you just run in one very specific browser.

Calipio works in all browsers on all platforms. Regardless of Mac, Windows or Linux systems. And of course it works in all browsers (currently known to mankind, which in detail means our development team)

It was big challenge we took on but in the end it is much better of course to provide a service which really online rather than asking your user for some extra work.

Calipio isn’t just that of course but that is something for another quick evening read, see ya soon. In the meantime, just try it out.